The Interval, 1/24/17


If you’ve run the 3M Half Marathon, it’s probably your PR race.  The point-to-point course loses about 400 feet in elevation, with most of the drop between the first and 10th miles.  After that, if you can make it up the hill on 45th, you roll down Duval, through UT, and fight uphill to the finish on Congress near the Bullock Museum.
The weather forecast was favorable this year, with low temps and a North wind predicted, so many of my friends were going for PRs.  However, the course doesn’t follow a straight North to South path and the winds were swirling and gusting, making it difficult to gauge effort and pace, especially after each turn.  It turned out to be an OK day for running, but not a PR day.
The men’s race was won by Mark Pinales (pictured above on Shoal Creek), the recent UT grad who also won the first 3 events in the ARC Austin Distance Challenge.  Mark took over the lead at about the 5 mile mark and pushed until the finish, winning in 1:06, about 2 minutes ahead of Adam Waldum.  Daniel Glaz was third.
The women’s race was closer,  with Lauren Smith Stroud holding off the fast-closing Nora Colligan to win in by just 21 seconds in 1:17:07.  Brooke Slayman was third by just 36 seconds.
The masters winners were Chris Kimbrough (1:23:00) and Kevin Kimbell (1:15:55).
This was the second year for High Five Events to manage this race after taking over from Conley Sports.  Everything seemed to go smoothly, despite the windy conditions.  The only issue I heard about was a downed power line near the finish area that caused some confusion and waiting, but this was minor.
A bunch of my TrailRoots friends decided to race on the roads for a change.  TrailRoots founder and coach Erik Stanley was 4th in 1:09.  Ethan Wagner, David Yin, Samantha Taylor, and Matt Fletcher (battling a cold) all had good races.
With just one race remaining, the Austin Marathon and Half Marathon, in the ARC Austin Distance Challenge, it looks like Mark Pinales and Jenn Harney are dominating the Full Track while Anna Gaethe and Ryan Hansen are the Half Track leaders.  The amazing Gordon Alexander, at age 56, is in third place overall for the Half Track and should easily win the masters division.  Current standings.
The dedicated trail runners in the area were at the second annual Goodwater race put on by Spectrum Trail Racing.  This 26 mile trail goes all the way around Lake Georgetown and is known for it’s technical difficulty and isolation.  Spectrum had courses set up for 8 miles, 16 miles, marathon, and double marathon.
Just 9 people managed to finish the double marathon, led by Tyler Mathews.  Tyler was in great shape for the Bandera 100K, but had a bad day and DNFed.  He rode that fitness for an incredible time of 8:49 for 52 miles, winning by over 4 hours.  MJ Redman was the first woman and second overall in 12:59.
Nicole Kalogeropoulos won the women’s marathon in 3:42 and Conner Drum was the men’s winner in 3:31.  The 16 mile winners were Dane Rauschenberg and Elaine Chung.  The 8 mile winners were Brittany Hamilton and Iram Leon.
Interesting articles, etc.
This short movie about the 2016 Orcas Island 100 miler was so good I watched it twice.  The 2017 edition is coming up and my friend Fred Riethmiller is running.
Before you buy a book about fitness for runners, read this long and detailed article from Rhielle Widders on iRunFar.
Upcoming races
Not much happening this weekend except the 7th Annual Austin Gorilla Run at Camp Mabry.  To run this 5K you have to wear either a gorilla or a banana suit.  All proceeds benefit the Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund.