The Interval, 5/23/17

There weren’t any big races in the area this past weekend, so I’ll lead with a letter from my wife, Katara LaBrie.  I suggest you follow her advice.

A Letter to Runners Who Live With Non-Runners

I love it that my husband runs. It keeps him healthy in body, mind, and spirit. Lately, we’ve had way more real life than recommended. And the running is so good for him and, by extension, good for me. But I do not love to run. Don’t like to run. Actually, loathe running. I gave it a good try – trained with some of the best groups in Austin, followed some “It is Known” paths to building up endurance, ran a few half marathons. Never once had the runner’s high.

As the non-running spouse of a life-long committed runner, I have a few things for you to consider in your non-running relationships:

1.  Others have value despite their sad lack of running.

My husband has terrific running friends and a number of them have become my friends as well.  I value those friendships. A lot of answers to life get worked out on their long runs. But here’s the thing – when I go to an event with runners the conversations go like this:

“Do you run?”

“No, I did for a while but it’s not my thing.”


And then they edge away like there is nothing else to talk about. It is amazing to me how long a group can sit around and talk about someone’s PR in the Palookaville 5K, the road to recovery from a lost toenail (with visuals), how switching from Tailwind to Heed changed their lives. I’ll happily engage that conversation and am genuinely interested for a while but come on…. Because I don’t run doesn’t mean I don’t have interesting things to contribute – want to hear about my podcast, about my career, let me tell you about my latest travel adventure. Stop being so one dimensional. Next time you are with your group, engage that person who tagged along with their mate. “Running’s not your thing – what’s your passion?”

2. Speaking of travel adventures – every vacation, trip, weekend getaway doesn’t have to revolve around running.

Think I’m kidding? Do a mental inventory of your last trips. Did you run everyday while people waited for you? Did you have to go somewhere with good running or go specifically to run? And my favorite – We can’t, there’s a race that weekend. This isn’t much of a thing for me anymore. We travel a lot and Sam can usually find a good run anywhere while, conversely, I usually enjoy a running event. But we did miss out on Budapest in the fall due to a race – that still rankles….

3. You aren’t Leo.

I am a night person. WE used to be night people who relished staying up into the wee hours. Haven’t been able to do that for years. Because 6 days a week the alarm goes off at 5:01. Used to go off at 4 o’something until I finally made the “no alarms before 5 a.m.” rule. No more late nights with you. And I really miss the occasional lazy, latte-in-bed Sundays. Actually, I don’t think we ever did that but it sounds like we should. And it bums me out to go to church alone because the Sunday run conveniently ends too late for you to join me. I know it’s my thing and not yours, but it makes me happy to have you along sometimes. So, your training isn’t going to suffer some major setback if you sometimes skip a day to do something specifically with/for your S.O. Here’s the reality – you aren’t Leo Manzano (unless Leo is reading) and one day off every now and again is better for your happiness. Trust me on this one.

4. Don’t ask if I really need another pair of boots.

I love that you run. Keep running.

Interesting news and articles

Ultrarunner and all-around mountain man Kilian Jornet set a FKT for climbing Everest.  No oxygen, no ropes, solo, from base camp at 17,600 feet to the top of the world at 29,029 feet in 26 hours.  I need new words.  Coverage from Outside Magazine.

I enjoyed this long article on the history of RunTex and Paul Carrozza.  I moved here in 2007 and RunTex was the cool place to hang out.

Runner’s World has Minneapolis / St. Paul at the top of their fittest cities in the US list.  Austin came in 12th.  I checked the source material and found it not surprising that we don’t spend enough on parks and recreational facilities.

Upcoming races

The third and final race of the Rogue Trail Series is this Sunday, The Ranch. I’ll be running the 10K.  The series standings are posted here.  I don’t know who will show up on race day, but that won’t stop me from making the following predictions:

  • Women’s 10K :  Krysten Tucker over Katie Gwynn
  • Women’s 10K masters:  Sunday Patterson, unless Michelle Cleveland drops out of the overall
  • Women’s 30K:  should have been Amy Baker (injured), now will be Sam Godbold
  • Women’s 30K masters:  Sky Canaves
  • Men’s 10K:  Joey Przybyla, unless Paul Rademacher finds another gear
  • Men’s 10K masters:  Doug Brock should have it in the bag since Andy Bitner will be in Chicago
  • Men’s 30K:  Mike Kurvach over Moses Luevano.  They’ve split the first 2 races, but Mike has a 90 second lead…
  • Men’s 30K masters:  Josh Beckham will either be third overall or first masters, Troy Bertram is a few minutes behind


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