The Interval, 7/12/17

Panorama from the top of Mt. Marathon

Not much to report this week on local races or runners except Trail Roots’ Rachael Blair finishing the Mt. Hood 50 miler in a stellar 8:48, good for 6th place.

I wrote about Mt. Marathon last week and Doug Dempster sent me this wonderful article by Christopher Solomon. Most of the article is about the 2013 race and the tragic disappearance of Michael LeMaitre, but there is also lots of information about the race and the writing is beautiful.   It’s the second oldest running race in the US, after the Boston Marathon. (A correction to the email version of The Interval last week- the race started in 1915, not 2015.)

I’ll list below the local races I plan to cover over the next 2 months and a few of the local runners who are headed out of the area to race.  If I’ve missed a cool race or a worthy runner, please email me:

Area races I’m excited about:

Cap’n Karl’s is the annual 4-race series put on by Tejas Trails.  The second event is this weekend at Muleshoe Bend LCRA Park.  The remaining 2 events are in August at Colorado Bend State Park and Reveille Ranch.  The format is the same for each; the 10K, 30K, and 60K races all starting at 7pm on Saturday with a cutoff for the 60K at 7am on Sunday.  The races are on technical trails, with lots of climbing and Texas heat and humidity.  These are great events, with lots of support, so even novices will spend a fun and challenging night trail running.

A new event for August 19th:  the Austin Mile Challenge.  It will be fun to watch some fast miles and raise money for the Back the Track effort to improve the track at Austin High School.

The Zilker Relays will be held on September 8th and we’ll all get to see who was doing workouts in the heat this summer.  This event is for teams of 4, with each member running the 2.5 mile course on the roads around the great lawn.  New for this year is the Senior category for 50+ men, women, or 2/2 mixed.

Local runners doing cool stuff:

The summer is the season for ultra runners to head for the mountains.  I expect the following flat-landers to make us proud:

Steven Moore is running the Hardrock 100 this weekend in Colorado.  Steven has been trying to get into this race for years and finally made it.  The 100 mile course packs in 33,000 feet of climbing, with an average elevation of 11,000 feet.  Paul Terranova will also be there, pacing a friend.

Joe Cooper will run the Never Summer 100K on July 22nd.

Matt Fletcher will run the Kat’Cina Mosa 100K on August 5th.

Katie Graff will run her first of three 200 mile races over three months, the Bigfoot 200, starting on August 11th.  The second is the Tahoe 200, starting on September 8th, and the third is the Moab 200, starting on October 13th.  I’ll try to interview Katie soon about this audacious goal.

Dennis Runyon is running the Leadville Trail 100 on August 19th.

Mallory Brooks and Allison Macsas will try to set a new FKT for the 93 mile Wonderland trail around Mt. Rainier sometime in August.

Erik Stanley will run the Sante Fe 50K on September 2nd.

Jimmy McWilliams will run the Vermont 50M on September 24th.

Anthony Jacobs and Fred Riethmiller will run The Bear 100 on September 29th.

Interesting articles

Do you like seeing works of art on your runs?  Check out this Runner’s World article about Marnie Kunz.  She organizes art tours for runners in New York.  We have some great public art in Austin. We have some great public art in Austin. Maybe Doug Dempster (Dean of the College of Fine Arts at UT) would lead us on a curated art run?….

Writers who run.  I enjoyed these brief perspectives from famous writers on running, from Outside Magazine.  (Hat tip to Dan Hannon)

A very silly, but funny video.  That’s So Trail, from Trail Runner. (Hat tip to Bach Le)

Interesting data analysis revealing the slowing of American marathon runners from 1995-2016, covered by NPR.  They don’t have any solid conclusions on the cause.  What do you think?

The results of an experiment involving cold hands might point to the reason why a bad race or workout feels worse than when we set a PR or hit all the splits.  From The Science of Running.  (Hat tip to Andy Bitner)









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