The Interval, 7/19/17

Steven Moore at mile 32 of the Hardrock 100.  Photo courtesy of Spectrum Trail Racing.

The 2017 Hardrock 100 was slower than in past years due to a storm early in the race, but it didn’t lack for drama.  The early part of the race was highlighted by the amazing running of Caroline Chaverot, who ran near the front for miles, ahead of many of the elite men.  She would go on to finish in 7th overall and win the women’s race.  Three time defending champ Kilian Jornet fell at around 14 miles in, dislocating his shoulder.  He popped it back in and, incredibly, ran another 86 miles, winning the race by 23 minutes over Mike Foote.  Great coverage, as always, by iRunFar:  full results, Jornet interview, Chaverot interview. Additional coverage by The Denver Post.

Steven Moore, a top Austin ultra runner, has been trying for years to get through the lottery and have a chance to test himself at Hardrock.  He made it in for 2017.  I asked him a few months ago about his training plan and he said “I guarantee you I won’t show up at the start line overtrained.”  After years of running and a heavy load of winter and spring races, he didn’t think he needed a big training block.  It turns out he was right, Steven cruised to an 18th place finish in the men’s race, a stellar 31:42.  Steven is already back in Austin and I’m working on an interview with him for next week’s issue of The Interval.

Tejas Trails put on the second of four Capt’n Karl’s events this past weekend at Muleshoe Bend LCRA park, on the northwest end of Lake Travis.  Over 300 runners started one of the 10K, 30K, or 60K races at 7pm on Saturday.  Most of the 30K and all of the 60K runners had to run in the dark.

The 60K race was won by Paul Riley in 5:46.  Joe Schmal and Matt Smith were just 5 and 7 minutes back.  The women’s race was won by Mallory Brooks in 7:25, ahead of Monica Alas and Casey Ulman by about 30 minutes.  Mallory, of Spectrum Trail Racing, is putting the finishing touches on her training for a Wonderland Trail FKT attempt next month.

Chris Kimbrough won the women’s 30K in 3:00, around 15 minutes ahead of Jess Chaffee and Amy Ewing.  The men’s race was fast.  Mike Kurvach won in 2:22.  That’s 7:44 pace for 18.6 miles on tricky trails in the dark.  David Zuniga was second in 2:29 and Michael Mark was third in 2:30.

Timothy Simmons won the 10K in 45:22, followed in about 5 minutes by Tony Yamanaka and Buys Steenkamp.  The women’s 10K was won by Jill Hillegass in 54:23, with Colleen Jay and Airon Andrews also on the podium.

The next 2 Cap’n Karl’s events are next month.

Interesting articles

Jonathan Garner sent me this episode from the public radio show On Being. The subject is “running as a spiritual practice, as told through the voices and stories of runners.”  The host, Krista Tippett, interviews several people including Olympian Billy Mills and Mt. Marathon winner Christy Marvin. Interesting and compelling, thanks to Jonathan.

With my recent experience trail running in Alaska, I was interested in this report on an elite runner who was chased by bears.  He was 20 meters from a house and the bears were 20 meters behind him.  He made it to the house first, but they closed to 10 meters, running 30 meters to his 20.  Therefore, I agree with the warnings I had in Alaska:  don’t run away from bears, they are fast.  (Hat tip to Matt Fletcher)

Andy Bitner, who swears he will never run an ultra, sent me this article on why trail ultras are better than road races.

A runner saved a drowning women recently in Scotland.  I like this line:  “After making sure she was safe, he fixed the hat on his head, then took off to finish his run.”  (Hat tip to Andy Bitner)

Good article from Austin Fit on recovering from injuries, featuring Cate Barrett.

Upcoming races

Also about Cate, there is a road race this weekend in New Braunfels: the Orange Leaf Half Marathon and 5K.  Cate is running the half.

The town of Koerth, TX, midway between San Antonio and Houston is the site of the Death March on Clarks Creek.  The event starts on Saturday at 7am and each runner must complete the 4.1 mile course each hour.  The last runner to complete a course wins.  Prize money of 33% of the registration fees is up for grabs for the winner, as long as the event lasts a minimum of 24 hours (100 miles). Anthony Jacobs is going for the win.