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I was out of town last week and it sounds like I missed some perfect running conditions on Thanksgiving.  Austin had the Thundercloud Subs Turkey Trot, back for the 26th year on the traditional 5 mile course in downtown.  With about 20,000 total participants and 7,000 in the timed race, it’s one of the biggest Turkey Trots in the country.  Last year the race donated over $330K to Caritas in support of their programs to help the homeless, poor, and refugees in Travis County.

The women’s race was won by Lennie Waite, in 28:05.  Waite is a recent Olympian, running the steeplechase for Great Britain in the Rio Olympics.  She placed second in this event last year, running a 28:51.  Check out this profile/interview from Brom Hoban writing for Ready to Run.  Sarah Lancaster was second, in 28:28.  Third place went to Cate Barrett, solidly sub-30 in 29:42.  The masters winner was Chris Kimbrough, in 30:39.

JT Sullivan was the men’s winner in 25:04, just missing a sub-5 minute average pace.  Bryan Morten was second in 25:47 and Andrew Abikhaled third in 25:57.  Kevin Kimbell was the masters winner in 27:36.

Full results are here.

The Georgetown Running Club also has a Turkey Trot 5 miler and it is drawing more and more people, with 834 people running this year compared to 650 in 2016.

Trail runners had an interesting challenge with Spectrum’s event The Game.  They set up a 3 mile course on the flat and forgiving trails at McKinney Falls.   Starting at 8am on Saturday runners had to complete a loop every 45 minutes.  The last person to complete a loop wins.  Check out the photos and video on the Spectrum FB page.   The winner was Dena Carr and she completed 22 loops, or 66 miles.  Lauren Walton completed 21 loops and Art Cook dropped out after 20.

Meredith Terranova was back in Kona for her third Ultraman World Championship, a 3-day 320 mile endurance event.  Meredith was one of 39 entrants this year.  Day 1 was a 6.2 mile ocean swim and a 90 mile hilly bike ride.  Day 2 a 271 mile bike ride.  Day 3 a 52.4 mile run.  Meredith was the 4th woman to finish and was in 22nd place overall.

This is the 54th issue of The Interval, a couple weeks past a year.  From Nov16 to Apr17 I published the articles on the website and put a link on Facebook.  I added the email delivery in April.  I’ll send around a survey in the next couple of weeks so you readers can help me to improve the reports and website.

Thanks to everyone who consented to an interview, provided pictures, and gave me advice.  Keep running and racing and I’ll continue posting.

I skimmed through the first year of articles and selected the following highlights, roughly in the order of publication:

Interesting Articles

Runner’s World describes the history of the Turkey Trot.

The comparative benefits of walking and running, from Vox.  (H/T to Katara LaBrie)

ESPN surprises me with a good running article, a profile of Megan Roche.

Upcoming Races

A couple of big marathons for Austin runners this Sunday, San Antonio and Sacramento.  I have several friends in each race.  The weather forecasts are favorable for both, I hope that doesn’t change.  I haven’t run San Antonio.  My PR is on the Sacramento CIM course…

The Dallas and College Station marathons are the following Sunday, the same day as the Decker Challenge half marathon here in Austin.

Trail runners should head up to Liberty Hill this Saturday for the Mosaic Trail Run by Tejas Trails.

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