The Interval, 4/25/18

Reveille Peak Ranch. Photo by Sam LaBrie.

A couple weekends ago we decided at the last minute to get out of Austin with our little trailer.  There were no sites available at any of the nearby State Parks so I somehow talked my wife into going to Reveille Peak Ranch.  The venue for multiple trail running and other outdoor events is up near Lake Buchanan, just past Burnet (durnit).  They have a few camping spots for trailers near the pavilion, which is about a mile from the trail network around the second biggest granite dome in Texas.

This was the weekend that was unseasonably cold.  Cap10K runners loved it.  Except for when I was running, we stayed in our trailer, reading books and drinking all the beer and cider.  At a couple points our trailer was surrounded by cows.

I explored many of the trails around the dome, trying to retrace the route from The Ranch last year.  There were a few mountain bikers on one day, but I hardly saw them.  Just me, the cows, a pair of vultures, and the cold wind.  Perfect.  I’ll be racing there in 10 days at Pandora’s Box of Rox, then in June at the final Rogue Trail Series race of the year.

Reveille Peak Ranch. Photo by Sam LaBrie.

Just a few local news items this week.  We’re getting into the R2R2R season.  That’s the Rim to Rim to Rim route at the Grand Canyon.  A pre-dawn start at the South Rim, generally quite cold.  Run down to bottom of the canyon, go for a few flattish miles, then head up to the North Rim.  Might be snow up there.  Head back down, then the long slog back to the South Rim.  Close to 50 miles, only a couple water supply points, self supported.  It’s a big challenge, one I intend to take on at some point.

Mallory Brooks and a couple friends completed the route last week.  I have a few other friends going next week.  I’ll try to get some photos and reports from that group for The Interval.

Austin lost out to Atlanta on the 2020 Olympic Trials Marathon.  High Five Events was in charge of the Austin bid.  Too bad, they would have done a great job.

Mike Kurvach will be running tomorrow evening in the 5K at the Penn Relays.  Mike gained an entry after his impressive 14:52 last month in the Bobcat Invitational.  He grew up in the Northeast as a successful high school and college runner and always hoped to run in this meet.  Kind of funny that it comes as a Texan representing Spectrum Trail Racing…

Interesting Articles

A couple followup articles on Boston.  This one from the NY Times has a good description of the conditions.  Japan Running News has a great backstory on Yuki Kawauchi, along with some excellent race strategy reporting.

I mentioned Deena Kastor’s new book last week.  Here is an excerpt in Runner’s World.

Following a suggestion from Mario Fraoli, I ordered the latest issue of Like the Wind.  It’s a running magazine, but more in the style of a fancy literary journal:  little to no advertising, thoughtful articles written with real care, beautiful photos and art, and high quality paper.  I’m not quite finished reading it, but I can tell you that I’m hooked.  Drop me a note if you want to borrow this issue.

Upcoming Races

Sunday is The Tangle, the second race in the Rogue Trail Series, near Pedernales Falls State Park.  I’ll be racing the 10K and cheering for some friends in the 30K.

Tejas Trails next event is Pandora’s Box of Rox on May 5, at Reveille Peak Ranch.

The Austin Runner’s Club is hosting the Daisy 5K on Saturday, May 19 at Camp Mabry. You can get a 10% discount by using the code MK18.

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