Armadillo Running exists to provide information and improve connections for the running community of Austin.  To a non-runner, running may appear to be a solitary endeavor, a lonely struggle.  For me and many runners, the best aspect of our hobby is that it creates and strengthens ties to other people.  We spend time together, we listen, we give advice, we are happy for everyone’s achievement.

Some reasons I picked the name “Armadillo Running.”

  • The first week I lived in Austin I was running in the early morning and a ‘dillo came onto the other side of the road and ran a hundred feet or so, keeping pace with me.  I knew I had found a home.
  • The original logo of the Capital 10K is an armadillo


  • Armadillorunning.com was available


About Sam…

We moved to Austin about 10 years ago.  I signed up with Gilbert’s Gazelles and made a bunch of friends who I still run with every week.  I’ve run most of the area annual races, trained with Gazelles, Rogues, and, currently, TrailRoots.  I like roads, trails, and tracks.  I hate tempo runs and love hammering the last interval.