The Interval, 11/10/16

Run for the Water
The tenth edition of this great race was held on Sunday 11/6. Nearly 4000 runners competed in the 10 mile or 5K races, held on the familiar Scenic/Pecos hills and “dog pound” courses. This is the second race in the annual Austin Distance Challenge. The weather was warm and humid, but not as difficult as earlier in the week.
The men’s 10 mile was won by Mark Pinales (51:56) far outpacing Adam Waldum (54:17), and Ryan McSpadden (55:51). Kevin Kimbell repeated as the masters winner in 57:41.
Kaitlyn Johnson won the women’s 10 mile race in 1:03:10, with Desiree Berry (1:04:37) and Dawn McElvain (1:05:30) placing. Jamie Hillin repeated as the masters champ with a 1:10:04.
The 5K women’s winner was UT runner Katie Burford, in a very fine 17:53, followed by Mandy Plante and Evan Biles. Evan is 12 and ran 19:53 by chip time! Katie and Mandy train with Carmen Troncoso’s group, which, I believe, placed 4 of the top 10 women: Katie, Mandy, Carmen, and Laura Mitchell. Carmen ran 20:11, which, at age 57, converts to an age-graded time of 16:40. Incredible.
The men’s 5K was won by Jason Stewart in 16:08, followed by Trevor Hines and Ryan Camarillo. Chann McRae was the masters winner in 18:24.
The event is the main fund raiser for the Gazelle Foundation, which uses the proceeds to improve water access in areas of Burundi, the birth country of Gazelle founder Gilbert Tuhabonye. In the 10 years since the group began they have improved water access for over 60,000 people. Truly a great cause and deserving of additional support.
The second edition of Spectrum Trail Racing’s the Wonderland took place on the twisty trails of Muleshoe Bend Recreational Area. Runners could choose between 10K, 13.1M, and 26.2M of trail fun. It was warm and humid, with some sprinkles but not as rainy as 20 miles away in Austin. The men’s marathon was a contest between 2 of the top area ultra marathoners, Anthony Jacobs and Steven Moore, both fully recovered from huge vert mountain ultras in the summer. The young legs and luxurious ‘stache of Jacobs powered him to a win in 3:24, with Moore close behind in 3:27. Thomas Orf was third in 3:55. The women’s marathon was won by Gretchen Placke, followed by Whitney Demel and Kim Bueno. The top 3 in the women’s half were Elaine Chung, Ashtyn Johnson, and Julie Lyons. Josh Beckham led most of the men’s half, but took a wrong turn, ran an extra 3 miles, and still finished 15th. The winner was Wil Emery, followed by Sam LaBrie (that’s me!), and Allen Daniell. The 10K women’s race leaders were Karen Clarke, Sophia Karvelsson, and Megan Peterson. The men’s 10K leaders were Justin Wendling, Iram Leon, and JJ Tiscareno.
Spectrum puts on a great race, check their site for upcoming events.
Selected Austin area races this coming weekend:
This annual race honors local area police, fire, and rescue personnel. It’s put on by the Austin Police Department and Special Olympics Texas, at Camp Mabry.
The second annual race at Pioneer Farms. This year to benefit Planting Peace’s Haiti Hurricane Fund.
The first road race from the ultra experts, with 50K, marathon, half marathon, and 10K options on the roads near Marble Falls.
Interesting events and articles from outside of Austin:
NYC marathon
Over 51,000 people finished this marathon, a likely world record. 930 of the finishers are from Texas. A group of 13 Gazelles finished with solid times. Sarah Madebach of Rogue made her marathon debut with a negative split 3:07.
Mountain Masochist Trail 50 Mile
Austin’s Paul Terranova was in Lynchburg, Virginia to try for a third consecutive win on this course with over 9000 feet in climbing. Paul was just 9 minutes slower than last year, but finished fourth.
Chris Kimbrough in Portland
Chris moved home to Austin this summer, but had some racing to do back in Portland this past weekend. On Saturday, she placed 12th in the Stumptown XC race #4, a 6K. She was the first masters woman in a time of 24:07. Sunday was a trail half marathon in Silver Falls, and Chris was the first woman in a time of 1:28:07. A good running weekend that, I’m confident, included some Portland beers as well.
Walmsley FKT on R2R2R
Jim Walmsley has had quite a year, with an epic almost win, almost course record at Western States 100 and the new fastest known time on the Grand Canyon rim-to-rim course. Ultra running is getting younger and faster. Check out his race report:
Improved Marathon Predictor
Everyone’s favorite stat geeks at 538 have a new marathon predictor (hopefully more accurate than their 2016 presidential poll modeling…):
Genetic Testing for Athletic Traits
My day job is working for a genetic testing company so I’ve been interested in anything relating genetics to athletics. This STAT article reviews some tests that are currently available, unfortunately none of them appear to be all that useful: