The Interval, 6/13/18

Chris Kimbrough at The Ranch. She won the women’s 10K race and the 10K title for the Rogue Trail Series. Photo courtesy of Rogue and AzulOx.
Apologies for the lack of weekly posts lately, I’ve been traveling and busy not running.  I raced maybe a few too many times this spring and was feeling a little banged up.  It was good to ease up for a few weeks.  I’ve been running the past few days and feel better.  Now I need to start building up for Sky Island!
I missed recapping several local races (Ranch, Festival, Maudie’s 5K) and I’ll just mention a few highlights from my friends:
Erik Stanley is racing again.  The TrailRoots coach dusted the field last week at the Maudie’s 5K, winning by over a minute in 15:32.  Erik was also part of the team that set a new American Record in the 100x1mile relay.  He ran a 4:24 mile as part of the team that set the record at 7:44:44, beating the old record by about 7 minutes.  The world record of 7:35:55 is held by a Canadian team.
The Ranch, the last race in the annual Rogue Trail Series was held on June 2.  A bunch of my friends did well:  Chris Kimbrough won the women’s 10K and the series, Steven Moore was second in the men’s 30K and the series, Matt Fletcher won the men’s 30K masters and the masters series,  Pat Legate won the men’s 10K masters series, Dan Hannon won the men’s 10K masters race.  Full results for the Ranch are here.  Results for the series are here.
Matt Fletcher running the 30K at The Ranch. Photo courtesy of Rogue and AzulOx.
Over the past couple weeks I was in Sacramento, Chicago, and near Des Moines.  I ran in each area, just easy on the roads.  It was strange going from the crowded Lake Shore trail in Chicago to the lonely dirt roads of Iowa.  Maybe not so lonely, I saw a lot of animals:  cows, horses, rabbits, snakes, big spiders, vultures, hawks, a fox, and a pig.  Yep, Wilbur the pig was standing in the middle of the road.
Dirt roads and red barns in Madison County, Iowa.
I was in California to see my niece graduate from high school and I was also able to visit my grandma.  She was in poor health and died a few days later.  I’m sad, but reflecting on her 95 years and impact on my life makes me thankful as well.  She was born in 1923 and lived through the Great Depression and WWII.  She always had a job, I remember her working at a Volkswagen dealer and I got to play in the showroom with the Beetle and Thing models.  (The 70s.)  From her and my mom I learned that women can be strong, smart, capable, and loving.  Since I started running I would tell her that I had a race and she would always ask “Did you win?”  I think, like a typical grandma, that she expected me to win.  I haven’t won many races, but I had a great grandma…

Interesting Articles

Galen Rupp passed me while running on the Lake Shore trail in Chicago and it’s possible that I went a little bit fanboy.  The defending Chicago Marathon champ had just announced that he’ll run the 2018 race and was in town to throw out the first pitch at a Cubs game.  Runner’s World has a good interview with Rupp.
The Western States 100 is a week from Saturday.  Check out iRunFar’s men’s and women’s race previews.  Austin will be well represented by Paul Terranova, Joe Cooper, Billy Satterwhite, and Kyle Rodemacher.

Upcoming Races

The second edition of the Back the Track meet is July 14 at the Austin High track.  Last year they had just one event, the Austin Mile Challenge.  For 2018 the list of events includes 50m, 100m, 200m, 400m 800m, one mile, and long jump.  Sign up and help support improvements to the most used track in Austin.
The first of the 4 Cap’n Karl’s races is on June 23 at Pedernales Falls State Park.  These 10K, 30K, and 60K races all start on a Saturday evening and go through the night.  Heat, humidity, rocks, hills, cacti, varmints, fun…
People are starting to get teams organized for the Zilker Relays.  September 7 seems like a long time from now, but if you register before July 2, it’s just $35.